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Weight-loss supplements won't make you slim
The market is full of weight-loss supplements, among which are “fat magnets", fat melting agents, appetite inhibitors and preparations blocking carbohydrate absorption. They generally do not bring the expected results.
Combat stress – what is it?
The term combat stress refers to a number of psychophysical reactions to being involved in war activities. Its most common after-cause is PTSD, the post-traumatic stress disorder which causes patients to experience recurring flashbacks of traumatic events, and also nightmares, irritability and social withdrawal.
Hospital-acquired infections – how can we prevent them?
Hospital-acquired infections cause medical complications and raise death rate. They also increase hospitalisation costs. The experts say they are unavoidable, but some can be prevented or limited in effect.
Child's trip to the dentist
Laughing gas, computer-controlled systems for painless anaesthesia, general anaesthesia – contemporary dental medicine offers many ways of reducing stress and alleviating pain in children.
Loud music – a deceitful enemy of your hearing
Hearing loss caused by exposure to excessively loud music is an impairment that we usually bring on ourselves. Usually afflicted are young people who listen to loud music frequently, over extended periods of time and with headphones.
Colonoscopy saves lives
Having undergone colonoscopy, Ozzy Osbourne, the famous singer of the band called Black Sabbath, tried to encourage his wife to do the same. She felt it was too embarrassing and refused. In 2002, she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
Anxiety neurosis – it's like wearing a tight-fitting coat
A paralysing fear of going out or being sick, or an irrational fear of animals – these are some of the possible symptoms of anxiety disorders that are collectively termed as anxiety neurosis. The treatment of this disorder takes a long time, with its effectiveness being largely conditioned by the patient’s motivation.
The era of biologic medical products has dawned
As well as being highly effective, biologic medical products (biological products) cause less side-effects. These products are revolutionising contemporary medicine, especially as far as oncology, diabetology and nephrology are concerned. Experts go as far as to expect them to soon take over the pharmaceutical market.
Heartburn not to be neglected
Heartburn is a burning pain in the middle section of the chest. Healthy individuals can occasionally develop heartburn after a stodgy, fat meal. However, when experienced frequently heartburn should not be neglected as it might indicate a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract.
The obligations of physicians and dentists
To come to aid whenever there is a threat to somebody’s life or health, to observe professional secrecy, and to abide by the principles of professional ethics - these are doctors’ fundamental obligations.
New methods of treating Parkinson's disease
Parkinson’s disease – even in an advanced stage – does not have to involve disability. It can be treated effectively even when medicines cease to help. It’s only necessary to use modern therapy methods.
Sister, Nurse or Nurse Practitioner?
Only my brother calls me sister – this is the guiding theme of a campaign of nurses who are fed up with being referred to as “sisters". They feel this name plays down their role.