Every patient insured at the NFZ (the National Health Fund) is entitled to dental care, free of charge, under the standard service package. Not all procedures are reimbursed, however, and you’ll have to pay out of your pocket for some of them.

Patients can choose from all NFZ-affiliated dental care centres and surgeries across the country. A GP referral is not required to get an appointment and those with acute pain should be received immediately.

What’s in it for the patients?

Patients are entitled to services such as dental medical examination once a year, including brief training in oral hygiene, a check-up three times a year, treatment for tooth decay and services related to endodontic (root canal) treatment of single-rooted teeth. Under the NFZ insurance you may also request the removal of dental concretion, treatment of lesions in the oral mucosa, dental extraction, certain surgeries and, where needed, X-ray imaging of the oral cavity – twice a year - though only with a guaranteed dental service. Dental procedures can be performed under anaesthetic.

Prosthodontic treatment

The NFZ insurance package also includes free prosthodontic treatment.

Patients are entitled to surgeries with acrylic dentures in both jaws once in every five years.

Every other year, you may have your denture repaired free of charge (including some extra services such as dental impression or a denture rebase).

Orthodontic treatment

Under the guaranteed orthodontic treatment of occlusion defects, patients aged up to 12 years can be treated with a mobile apparatus as well as have a pantomographic image made and receive the final results of treatment – once per each orthodontic treatment. After you reach 13 years, your apparatus can be fixed.

Until 18 years of age, orthodontic treatment includes dental checkups with training in oral hygiene, an appointment with a specialist, partial and complete dentures for children and corrective teeth grinding.

Dental care for children, pregnant women and people with disabilities

Selected groups have the right to additional dental services.

For example, children and people up to 18 years of age can undergo the sealing of grooves in their sixth teeth – until seven years of age, fluoride varnishing of all permanent teeth, impregnation of the dentine in milk teeth, complete treatment and restoration of cavities in milk teeth, cosmetic covering of underdeveloped enamel in permanent teeth, endodontic (root canal) treatment of all teeth and infected single- and double-rooted teeth, surgeries such as the surgical exposure of impacted teeth, the surgical removal of tooth buds in line with orthodontic recommendations and root resection in front teeth.

Women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby can have their dental concretion removed (once in six months) as well as undergo a routine check-up (once a quarter) and extended endodontic therapy. Moderately and severely disabled patients, if this results from medical recommendations, are entitled to general anaesthesia during surgeries and light-hardened composite filling materials.

Whom to turn to when the pain hits in the midst of night

You should look up a health centre offering so-called emergency dental assistance under the NFZ insurance. Such centres should be open from 7 pm to 7 am on weekdays and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

A list of dental care centres is available on the websites of respective NFZ branches.

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