Their use is followed by euphoria, possibly hallucinations, and anxiety neurosis. Experts warn: designer drugs may lead to serious harm to health or even endanger life.

Although designer drugs are illegal in Poland, there are instances of them being offered online as e.g. “computer maintenance products", “cleaning products", or “plant fertilizers".

Impact of designer drugs on human organism

The information of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction shows that cocaine is being pushed out by designer drugs, which are mainly used by young people. Approximately 5 percent of young Europeans have tried designer drugs at least once, led by Ireland – 16 percent, followed by Poland and Great Britain – 10 percent.

Dr. Piotr Burda, the national toxicology consultant, warns that immediately after they are used, designer drugs exert strong impact on the nervous system. This is manifested by euphoria and increased psychophysical activeness. Hallucinations, anxiety neurosis and consciousness disorders are involved as well.

Designer drugs also cause somatic disorders: substantial rise in arterial blood pressure, up to 200 accelerated heartbeats per minute. This may cause disorders of the circulatory system, strong stomachaches, joint pains and vomiting. The impact of designer drugs on the nervous system is strengthened by alcohol.

Prohibited substances

In Poland, law prohibits the production and sales of any substances and products that may be used as intoxicants or psychotropic substances. The ban has been imposed on all substances, regardless of their physical state and origin. Violation of this law falls under a penalty fee of PLN 20 thousand to one million.

There are several dozen substances detected in designer drugs on the list covered by official control, including benzylpiperazine, nephedrone, synthetic cannabinoids, cathinone derivatives, piperazine derivatives and cocaine analogues.

In October 2010, based on the decision of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, the sanitary forces were assisted by the police in shutting down 1378 stores offering designer drugs.

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